Recycled Materials

A global study has found that without immediate and sustained action, the annual flow of plastic into the ocean could nearly triple by 2040.

Unless immediate and sustained action is taken globally, more than 1.3 billion tonnes of plastic will be dumped on land and in the oceans between 2016 and 2040, says a team of global experts who have analysed scenarios of interventions to tackle plastic pollution.

Research found that if no action is taken to address the projected growth in plastic production and consumption, the amount of plastic entering the ocean each year would grow from 11 million metric tonnes to 29 million metric tonnes over the next 20 years. This is equivalent to nearly 50 kilograms of plastic for each metre of coastline worldwide.

Because plastic remains in the ocean for hundreds of years and may never degrade, the cumulative amount of plastic in the ocean by 2040 could reach 600 million tonnes—equivalent in weight to more than 3 million blue whales.

With this in mind we decided that we could do something to help.

We have designed and developed our Moda Per Cura treated range of ladies and men’s scrubs.  Each of which have been manufactured from specially produced recycled fabric that contains plastic bottles.

In fact for every garment ordered approx. 25 plastic bottles are removed from waste, that is 50 bottles per suit!

So please help us to help you and order from our Moda Per Cura treated range of scrubs.