Devan BI-OME AM5 AV® is a finishing technology that prevents microbial growth and reduces the viral activity of enveloped viruses, including SARS-CoV-2*.

* Tested according to ISO18184.

So what does Devan BI-OME AM5 AV® do ?

  • Eliminates different types of microorganisms (bacteria).
  • Reduces possible malodour and bacterial build up.
  • Wash-durable.
  • 99% reduction in microorganisms*
  • 97% reduction in viral activity after 2 hours of contact with Enveloped Viruses*.
  • Metal-free solution (no silver).

*acc to ASTM E-2149

*Test method NFISO 1814

Is Devan BI-OME AM5 AV® registered ?

  • BRP-EU and TK registered.
  • EPA registered product.
  • Oeko-tex® (class 1). No skin irritation.
  • Activity proven via Institut Pasteur de Lille.

Is Devan BI-OME AM5 AV® eco-friendly ?

  • Yes it is Inherent Biodegradable. (OECD 209/302B)
  • Has no negative effect on waste treatment.
  • Is Non-toxic to waste water.
  • Is a Metal-free solution (no silver).   

Can Devan BI-OME AM5 AV® be used next-to-skin?

Yes, it does not affect the skin as it doesn’t interfere with the skin’s natural bacterial flora.

How is it applied?

Normally,  it is applied to the fabric at the finishing stage of production. 


Devan BI-OME AM5 AV® protects the product, not the person. The treatment keeps the fabric hygienic by reducing bacteria and virus growth on the surface. Through the reduction in bacteria, the treatment also prevents unwanted smells developing on the fabric.